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« PontAuRail » is an association which was created in 1995 and whose aim is to run tourist trains between Pont-Audemer and Honfleur

It has about fifty members, all volunteers, twenty of which may be called active members.  

The service is operated by railcar X 2426 which was officially scrapped on September 27th , 1987 in Limoges. Saved from junk, it became the property of the Tourist Railways of Cotentin until 1995, when it was purchased by the Risle Seine SIVOM (1) so as to maintain a tourist railway service between Pont-Audemer and Honfleur.  

It remained parked in the station of Carentan for a long time, and then was vandalized in the station of Pont-Audemer, so it took great efforts to put it back on the tracks.   

Railcar X 2426 is now the property of the PontAuRail Association following the dismantling of  the SIVOM (1).  

An agreement allows the PontAuRail association to use the line between Pont-Audemer and Honfleur on request on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

The travelling time is fifty-five minutes, including manoeuvres (closing of the semiautomatic level crossings in Pont-Audemer and shunting in Honfleur).  

In Honfleur, there is a shuttle bus to the town centre. 

(1) SIVOM = Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Multiple, an official organ  uniting several communes for all sorts of  purposes.


  To contact us...:

In France

Phone : 06 08 42 90 81

Fax : 02 32 41 22 58

Address : Office du Tourisme - Place Maubert - 27500 PONT-AUDEMER

e-mail : info@pontaurail.com



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